Hearing Tests

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Hearing health contributes greatly to our enjoyment of life.
Whether it’s the sound of a cat’s purring or
the cooing of a baby, Complete Hearing wants to
make sure you hear your life perfectly.

A hearing test is a comfortable and important procedure.

At our first meeting, we will discuss your hearing challenges and history. We will listen to your unique concerns and learn about your lifestyle. We will then use an otoscope to examine your ear canal and ear drum. Next, the health of the middle ear will be measured. In our soundproof booth, responses to speech and tones are tested and bone conduction testing is used to assess the type of hearing loss. From these tests, an audiogram is generated. An audiogram is a graphic representation of the results of your hearing test.

The experienced Hearing Instrument Specialists at Complete Hearing will evaluate the audiogram to establish if there is hearing loss, the nature and degree of the hearing loss and, if necessary, what hearing instrument options are appropriate. Once your assessment is complete, we can begin fitting you with the most appropriate hearing aid to complement your life.

Free Hearing Tests