Choosing Your Hearing Aid

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Once it is determined that you do need to choose a hearing aid,
you may have many questions…

Are they easy to get used to?

Will they be visible when I wear them?

Will a hearing aid really help?


Although hearing aids cannot fully restore normal hearing, they can certainly improve your communication abilities and enable you to hear sounds you would not otherwise be able to hear.

Most hearing aids use the same basic components. They carry sounds from the environment into your ear adjusting the amplification of each frequency based on each individual’s requirements. Today’s digital models have greatly improved feedback control and sound processing in noisy environments.

There are many models and styles available. The appropriate one for you will be chosen based on your preference and your hearing needs. Complete Hearing Specialists will work with you to make the fitting of your hearing aids both a simple and rewarding process. You won’t believe your ears!

How to choose a hearing aid