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I have needed hearing aids for many years, and known it. Gradually over time I stopped wearing them because everything sounded like I was underwater or in a tunnel. I was frustrated, and after all I could hear everything just fine without them anyway. Who wants to wear those ugly pink plastic things in your ears anyway?

In the Primary classroom where I teach I had no problems. There is plenty of noise in a Primary classroom; scraping chairs, tapping desks, misunderstandings between perfectly charming little people that have a way of rapidly escalating, the general busy chat of working through math lessons, or the team work of a group project. I was sure I heard everything but the quietest little voices and after all I warned my students that I had "funny ears", and if they thought I didn't hear them to try again. "I never ignore someone", I assured them, but there are times I might not hear you.

Over the past couple of years my colleagues in the staff room started speaking more softly, or maybe there were just more people in there and I couldn't hear over the general noise. Our TV remote started to fail, but it was old and all I had to do was dial up the volume a little more. My husband was getting a little grumpy about the TV but after twenty plus years of marriage, who doesn't have a grumpy husband once in a while? My teens were a constant source of pride and never ceased to amaze me, rather than drowning me with their music, they were asking me to turn it down when we were in the car. The only problem was they were starting to play the old line of "I did tell you mom", whenever I queried their whereabouts, or plans.

Slowly it started to bother me that perhaps I couldn't hear quite as well as I thought. I went to get a hearing test - how bad can it be? I called Complete Hearing Health in response to an ad in the local paper. Lori was wonderful on the phone, immediately like an old friend she was laughing with me and quickly got me an appointment. Glenn looked after me well, but it turned out my hearing loss was worse than we thought. How had I managed to get along? Hearing aids were inevitable. Glenn must have sensed my thoughts of "oh not those ugly things again", because he showed me all sorts of new things.

One week later I was fitted with two new hearing aids. I LOVE THEM! No one noticed them! I had to point them out - after all I felt I should warn people I could hear them now. The funniest moment was when I got into the van and started to drive home. Oddly there was a horrible clicking noise every time I turned a corner. Oh dear - I just spent money on hearing aids, now the car is broken!!! No the car wasn't broken my husband assured me - I was hearing the turn signal! I was shocked - really, it makes noise?

Over the next few weeks I was marveling daily at sounds that seemed new to me. Oh Primary students still make noise, and yes I can now hear the whispered naughty words from older students at recess, but I can also hear my kids. I can hear my granddaughter chattering away. I can baby sit knowing I will hear her on the monitor if she needs me. I can hear the coyotes call at night. I can hear the music from town late on a summer's night. The only time I don't wear them is to concerts and musicals, which tend to be too loud anyway, and at night. After all who needs to hear the dog snore?

I know it is an over-used cliché..... but honestly, meeting Glenn and Lori really did change my life. Let them see what they can do for you. Cosmetics are often sold under the catch phrase of "because I'm worth it" - hearing aids add to that "because my whole life is worth hearing - and I'm worth it".

If you have wondered about your hearing and put off getting hearing aids - go and see Glenn and Lori. You will be amazed at what is available now. Hey I even have a remote control for my aids that allows me to mute them. Imagine the possibilities for that during staff meetings!

Hearing aid testimonials

Just wanted to let you know what a positive experience I had dealing with Complete Hearing Health. Glenn was recommended by my niece. It was a bit of a drive to get there, but worth every km. Both Glenn and Lori are true professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at Complete Hearing Health. Everything was explained to me clearly and when I had a problem with one aid, Glenn fixed it immediately. What a great team they make. Thanks again Complete Hearing Health Port Elgin.

Chris Blundon

When I had hearing aids before, my wife would always say “Can’t you hear what I’m saying?” She’d say “We bought you two new hearing aids and you still can’t hear and we can’t afford any more” When I was finally fitted with new aids from Complete Hearing Health, it opened up a whole new world for me. I could hear so much better that it vastly improved my relationship with my wife! Now with my remote control I can adjust my hearing aids in meetings, church services and social events. I wouldn’t be without them now!

I would highly recommend Dale and Complete Hearing Health to anyone with hearing difficulties.

Jack Wall

Was a very positive experience working with the Complete Hearing team. Top notch service.