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Custom Ear Molds & Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing.

Once the damage is done, it may be too late. Often times, people don’t even realize that their hearing has been damaged until they begin to notice ringing or buzzing in the ears, headaches, tiredness, difficulty hearing what someone is saying. A simple yet effective solution is custom ear molds (plugs).

Complete Hearing’s custom made ear molds are designed to fit to each individuals ear perfectly, providing comfort as well as better hearing protection than that found in disposable drugstore earplugs. With the use of custom ear molds,many individuals who work in a noisy environment notice they find it is easier for them to communicate with each other due to the filter benefits of the plugs.

An ear mold is a small piece of silicone, acrylic or plastic, which has been shaped to fit the contours of a patient’s ear canal or the outer ear. Once inserted into the ear, the ear mold is hard to notice, very comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time. Ear molds are sometimes necessary based on the type of listening or hearing enhancement device required.

Placing a quick setting silicone based material inside the ear canal forms the ear mold. Once the material is set, it will have a perfect impression of the ear’s shape allowing for a perfect contoured fit. Custom ear molds have many uses including hearing protection during loud activities (ear plugs), blue tooth hands-free phone headsets, swimmers protection (ear plugs) as well as audio listening devices.

Custom Hearing Protection

Protect your precious hearing with custom ear plugs and noise filters.

Prolonged exposure to loud noise can damage your inner ear. Sounds of 90 – 100 decibels can do damage within hours. Sounds over 120 dB can cause permanent hearing loss within minutes!

  • 140 dB Gunshot, jet engine at takeoff – immediate danger to hearing
  • 120 dB Sandblasting, metal grinding – risk of hearing damage within 7 minutes
  • 110 dB Chainsaw, loud concert, snowmobile at drivers seat – risk of damage within 30 minutes
  • 100 dB Power drill, dance bar – risk of damage within 2 hours
  • 90 dB Lawnmower, motorcycle with full helmet – risk of damage within 8 hours

Maximum Protection Custom Ear Plugs

The filters on ER Musician Plugs are removable and interchangeable. With the filter removed they are easily washed with mild soap and warm water.


A solid soft shell plug with a NRR of 29dB when made in the standard New-Sil. This has the maximum attenuation and is a good choice when hearing protection is essential but the ability to communicate is not as important.

Noise Breaker

A solid soft shell plug with a filtered vent. It provides good attenuation and allows the wearer to maintain better environmental awareness and communication ability than a standard plug. The vent acts as a solid plug for sounds over 120dB providing excellent protection against sudden loud noises.

Sentinal and Noisebreaker plugs are available in a variety of styles (full shell, 1/2 shell, canal) and colours and can come with strings, handles and collar clips. Both are easily cleaned by using mild soap and warm water and allowed to air dry.

ER Musician Plugs

Musician earplugs were designed to protect hearing while preserving all the subtleties and richness of music. Other earplugs (particularly foam) muffle sound so music and speech are not heard distinctly. Music and speech reproduced through these earplugs sounds exactly as it would in an ear without an earplug, but at a lower (safer) level. Different levels of protection are available to meet the different requirements of each musician.

ER 9 – 9dB of attenuation.  Good protection with excellent clarity.
Recommended for unamplified stringed instruments and vocals.

ER 15 – 15 dB of attenuation. Provides excellent filters-15uniform sound reduction across all frequencies. Good for use with most instruments.

ER 25 – 25dB of attenuation.  Provides maximum protection while still preserving clarity.  Recommended for percussion and brass or high levels of amplification.

The filters on ER Musician Plugs are removable and interchangeable. With the filter removed they are easily washed with mild soap and warm water.

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Complete Hearing’s custom made ear molds are designed to fit to each individuals ear perfectly.

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