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Home Visiting Services

Complete Hearing believes that everyone should have access to proper hearing health care.  That’s why we offer home visits in Port Elgin and surrounding areas.

Home visits are available for those with restricted mobility. Complete Hearing can provide on-site hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, hearing aid maintenance and repairs, family consultations and mail order battery service. We also provide seminars for care-givers about hearing aid management.

Visits are tailored to each individual’s needs and this convenient service ensures that everyone has access to proper hearing assessments and follow-up care, whether in homes, retirement/nursing centers or hospitals.

Please contact us for information on home visitation in your area.

Home visiting services for hearing tests

Our Services

Services our hearing clinic provides in Port Elgin and surrounding areas.

Hearing Tests

Complete Hearing offers complete hearing assessments in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Hearing Aid Sales

Complete Hearing is pleased to offer hearing instruments from some of the finest hearing aid manufacturers today.

Home Visiting Services

Home visits are available for those with restricted mobility Port Elgin and surrounding areas.

Custom Headphones Made to Order

Tune into crystal clear sound with custom headphones from Complete Hearing.

Ear Molds & Hearing Protection

Complete Hearing’s custom made ear molds are designed to fit to each individuals ear perfectly.

Hearing Aid Maintenance & Repair

We offer one-on-one service and will be there to offer full support at any time.