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Welcome to our resources page.  Here you will find helpful articles, tips, and information on hearing loss, hearing aids, and news about our hearing clinic.

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Ted Venema Talks Reading the Audiogram

In this video, Dr. Ted Venema discusses how to interpret results of a hearing test on an audiogram.  

Ted Venema Talks: Noise Induced Hearing Loss

In this video, Dr. Ted Venema discusses hearing loss caused by long term exposure to noise.

Ted Venema Talks: Hearing Loss and Speech

In this video, Dr. Ted Venema discusses presbycusis and the trouble with the treble speech sounds.  

Ted Venema Talks: Introduction to Hearing Loss

Dr. Ted Venema discusses hearing loss and introduces a series of related videos concerning types of hearing loss, hearing tests, hearing aids, and much more!  

Hearing Self-Assessment

The most common causes of acquired hearing loss are aging and noise exposure. 70% of Canadians over the age of seventy will have significant hearing loss and these changes can start as early as age fifty. Do you – 1. Have difficulty hearing in noise? 2. Think everyone is mumbling? 3. Constantly ask people to […]

Hearing Loss – The Invisible Handicap

It is estimated as many as 3.5 million Canadians suffer from hearing loss. That’s a staggering number especially if you consider that a large percentage of hearing loss goes undiagnosed. It is one of the world’s most common, but often ignored problems. With an aging population, and an increasing amount of noise in the daily […]

Tips for Better Hearing

Communicating with each other in our modern world can be a challenge at the best of times. Ironically, in this “information age”, we often forget about good basic communication skills when dealing with one another. Good communication habits are especially important when speaking to someone with a hearing loss. Even those with a mild hearing […]